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A world where you will walk in the footsteps of Claude Monet;
his gardens, his art, his love of food and drink

Monet’s Palate is all about the passion born one spring day in Giverny. As I sat at Monet's dining room table surrounded by flowers, a glass of spirited apple cider, ripe Camembert cheese running from its shell, and crusty bread, I considered the abundance before me. Simultaneously, the sweet scent of apples from the cider blended with the bouquet of the Giverny flowers picked that morning in the garden. It was a moment of awakening. I now understood that Claude Monet knew how to draw all the beauty from all the best in life and to bring them together – whether on his dining room table or on his canvas. I then thought of the similarities between great chefs and great artists like Monet – one with a canvas: the other with a plate – “Palate to Palette.”

“I am following Nature without being able to grasp her.”  – Claude Monet

I knew these passions, although different, were similar. After all, I have always heard “we eat with our eyes first” and the beauty a Chef prepares on a plate is art. I was driven to discover this first hand. I decided to create a film which would weave the lifestyle of Monet and include both his art and his cuisine. By traveling the world to meet and dine with great Chefs like Michel Richard, Roger Vergé, Alice Waters, Daniel Boulud, the beauty and joy of a life well led revealed itself to me. I went from Giverny to Paris, to London and Venice, following Monet's footsteps to bring his passion of the art on the plate to life. Monet’s Palate means all the good things in life, the voyager's curiosity expressed by Claude Monet and now captured for you. Watch the film, visit our Facebook page often and check back for many surprises we have in store over the coming months.

My mission at Monet’s Palate is to transport you to Claude Monet's world. If you have been to Giverny you are so fortunate. If you cannot go yet and want to experience the magic of Monet's Palate just close your eyes and come with me.

I'm so excited that you've come to Monet’s Palate. You have now taken the first step in a journey that I know will delight all of your senses. Your journey to the best life has to offer has just begun!!

Aileen's signature“A Toast to Monet”
Warm Regards,

Aileen Bordman, Monet's Palate Creator & President