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Meet the Creator & President of Monet’s Palate

Aileen Bordman - Founder and President of Monet's Palate

Aileen Bordman

Aileen is President of Monet’s Palate, Inc., someone who grew up immersed in the world of Claude Monet, then applied her passion for Monet as an artist and a gourmand to create the Monet’s Palate® concept and brand. Aileen’s mother, Helen Rappel Bordman, helped restore the gardens at Giverny and has been there in residence each Spring since 1980 to welcome guests to Monet’s oasis; a prominently placed plaque at Museum Claude Monet Giverny is a singular honor to Helen Rappel Bordman. The Monet’s Palate film was originally a way for Aileen to pay homage to her mother’s good work in Giverny and to connect with that family legacy. As Aileen took a sabbatical from her career on Wall Street for the film, she saw that Monet’s passions would translate well to modern lifestyles and created Monet’s Palate, Inc. Recognizing and experiencing firsthand the commercial appeal of Claude Monet, and her own passion for Monet and his world, Aileen’s decision to build on her unique family legacy to bring Monet’s passions to modern lifestyles was destiny. Food Arts Magazine featured the story of Aileen’s vision for her integrated lifestyle brand. In addition, New York Magazine, The Wine Spectator and The New York Times are among many publications that have recently written about Monet’s Palate®.

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