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Explore Claude Monet's home in Giverny

where both Monet's palette and palate met surrounded by his beautiful gardens

“These landscapes of water and reflections have become an obsession…
I hope something will come out of so much effort” – C.M.
Water Lilies at Giverny

“In your quiet moments, I want you to think of your own passions, whether it is art, food, my gardens, or a flower, and let Monet‘s Palate just fan it for you. You are your own well of inspiration. Be inspired.” – C.M.

Bench in garden at Giverny

“Come sit with me for awhile on my bench. We could talk for hours and I would so enjoy your company.” – C.M.

Bridge in gardens of Giverny

“Welcome to my world. My special Japanese Bridge I painted so happily. Please visit here at Monet's Palate with me often.” – C.M.

Giverny home of Monet

“BIENVENUE! WELCOME! to Giverny, my home. Lunch soon in the gardens. French cheeses, cured meats, crusty bread, Normandy sweet butter, ice cold sparkling apple cider. Did I forget anything? Join me.” – C.M.

Claude Monet’s passion and love of gardens, gardening and flowers lives on today at his home and gardens in Giverny. When Monet first came to Giverny and began creating the now famous water gardens with the water lillies that would inspire the beautiful murals, the townspeople were not very happy. Of course, all of that has changed as people who love art, Monet, beautiful gardens and Normandy make a pilgrimage to Giverny yearly to see first hand the world Monet created.

Kitchen at Giverny - Monet's home

“A rare photo of my kitchen in Giverny. Brioche French toast with butter and jams, and coffee. Later onion soup baked golden with Swiss cheese, Yorkshire Puddings, a roast with spring onions, and carrots. Chocolate cake with sweet creme. Just one day in the life of this stove.” – C.M.